Moerman Lilium Lelies

We are Decorum

Decorum is the premium brand of over fifty Dutch growers. All family owned business, many third or fourth generation grower. These growers work together to create a strong brand which stands for quality, innovation and sustainability. That brand is Decorum. With hundreds of innovations each year, the assortment of Decorum is always changing and always exciting. Decorum growers invest in sustainability. From natural energy projects to the most advanced growing techniques, Decorum growers work hard to make the world a better place. Less plastic and a lower CO2 footprint are key in our sustainability goals.

It goes without saying that only the best plants and flowers are selected for the Decorum brand. Our growers have a great passion for plants and flowers. Just like you. The Decorum quality label is our promise that all the products are premium quality with a longer lifespan.