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Decorum is the premier brand in floriculture. By choosing Decorum products, you opt for pure perfection. Our plants and flowers are sustainably cultivated with love and attention by the very best growers. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, you won’t find anything more beautiful and fresher than our quality products. So, you’re guaranteed to enjoy them for a long time.

At Decorum, we strive every day to build a strong, consistent, and recognizable brand. This means that all Decorum communications have the same appearance. Our online brand manual serves as a guide for anyone working on Decorum communications. You can find the logos, images, texts, and videos to use on this page.

Decorum Logo

Download the Decorum logos in various formats (*.jpg, and *.png) below.


Download product and grower photos below.

Video “We are Decorum”

Watch the “We are Decorum” videos here. It’s the story of Decorum, who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. Video 1 features spoken content, while video 2 is visual only.

On the Decorum YouTube channel, you can find many more videos such as behind-the-scenes footage at our growers, event aftermovies, and much more…

Standard texts about Decorum

Use these texts and posters as inspiration and input for the content you want to write about Decorum.

This page will soon be updated with information about:

  • Decorum growers

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