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Decorum is the premium brand of Dutch floriculture. And has been since 1999. What once started out as a dream among ambitious growers, has grown into a strong B2B brand that is unparalleled. Over 120 million euros of Decorum products are sold from professionals to professionals, connoisseurs and enthusiasts each year. Thanks to recognisable branding and strict quality requirements, the buyer knows one thing for sure: I am buying the best. Decorum products meet high sustainability requirements. All Decorum growers are in possession of the MPS or GLOBAL GAP environmental certificate.

Energy & Water

Energy & water: Be considerate of me. I am alone. That is an assignment of Mother Nature… Cleaner energy makes our world a better place. The sun and geothermal energy are our greatest friends. All Decorum growers are committed to energy efficient production. Decorum growers use massive amounts of solar panels, geothermal heat and residual heat to heat their greenhouses. 

Certificates & crop protection

Decorum growers have heard this message loud and clear. Achieving an MPS or Global GAP certificate massively proves that we believe in deeds. Decorum growers use as many organic crop protection agents as possible and also natural agents (such as insects) to combat diseases and pests. In 2021, all Decorum growers will also obtain a social certificate. Our growers take care of their environment; both man and nature.


Decorum growers want to use as little plastic and non-durable materials as possible. For example, Decorum labels are already partly made of recycled plastic, as are the pots. Almost all the pots used are made of 90% recycled plastic. But Decorum growers look beyond packaging materials and pots. Plastic trays are also made of 90% recycled plastic.

Corporate social responsibility

Decorum growers have an eye for their environment. They are locally involved and invest in the local community. From sponsoring local sports clubs to offering opportunities to employees with a disadvantage on the labour market. From GOVA to Hofland Flowering Plants and from Moerman Lilium to Borst Bloembollen… Our growers have their heart in the right place. Especially for people. Interested in what Decorum growers do for their environment? Ask them and you will be amazed!