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Sustainability is one of the three primary values of Decorum, and it is implemented wherever possible. All Decorum growers cultivate their plants and flowers in the most sustainable manner. This ranges from solar panels to geothermic heat pumps, from reduced use of plastics to shared transport. We want to care in this way for the world around us to the best of our ability. There are 6 aspects to this:

“We care for the world around us to the best of our ability”

Sustainable energy

The sun is a powerful means to generate energy sustainably. Our growers have invested heavily in solar panels. To heat the nurseries, we primarily use geothermal heating, or our growers are connected to a district heating grid. This has led to some companies turning off their boiler entirely and not using any gas. Dozens of our members can cultivate in an energy-neutral manner with these sustainable initiatives. In the future, an increasingly greater proportion of the energy will be generated sustainably. Our growers are always striving to minimise their footprint.

Re-use of water

Mother Nature’s gift of rainwater is collected in enormous reservoirs. Rainwater is full of vitamins and minerals that are good for plants and flowers. With advanced irrigation systems, the surplus water is pumped back to the reservoirs and can be used again. With this technique, Decorum growers use little to no drinking water in their production process, and we reuse as much water as possible.

“What we stand for is what we stand on”


At Decorum gaining the necessary sustainability certificates is one of the signals that we walk our talk. The certificates demonstrate that the Decorum growers consume the least amount of energy in their production process. The associated social certificates also demonstrate that Decorum growers realise the best working conditions for their employees. Given these certificates and the other six pillars, the growers show their care for their environment: people and nature. For example, all growers are MPS-A certified.

Crop protection

Crop protection is incredibly important to cultivate the loveliest and best flowers and plants as some insects and bacteria damage the leaves or roots of plants or flowers. To combat them, our growers use biological crop protection as far as possible. Examples include ichneumon wasps, chickens and cats. Biological pest controllers often hang in bags on the plant or flower. This protects the crop for longer and the insects that we need so much remain alive.

“The earth is what we all have in common.”

Corporate social responsibility

Decorum also focuses on society. We are involved locally and invest in the community. For example, we sponsor the local sport clubs, support charities and provide opportunities to employees with a disadvantage in the job market. Decorum and its growers have their heart in the right place. Are you interested in what the Decorum growers are doing for their environment? Contact them directly and prepare to be surprised!

Reduced use of plastic

Decorum growers want to consume the least amount of plastic and unsustainable materials. For example, our labels are partly made from recycled plastic, as are the pots. Almost all seed pots are also made from 90% recycled plastic. But we are looking further than packaging material and pots. Our trays are also made from 90% recycled plastic.

“As a consumer you can change the world!””

Conscious choices

Sustainability begins with yourself. By choosing the right products and handling them carefully, we all contribute to improving the world. Our growers are working on their ambition of producing in a CO2– and energy-neutral manner. And don’t forget: plants and flowers produce a healthy environment indoors and make you happy. So if you choose the plant or flower that suits you… choose one that was cultivated with respect and love for nature.