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Gebr. Valstar

The foundation of Gebr. Valstar was laid in 1978, when the founder Jac. Valstar began cultivating Marantaceae in Honselersdijk. Nowadays, Oscar and Jörgen have nurseries in Maasland, Roosendaal and Brazil where they cultivate Calathea on an area of approximately 10 hectares in total. What makes this plant so special is its day and night rhythm: the leaves close during dusk and open again at dawn.

Gebr. Valstar is not only supplying Calathea, but also breeding and propagating it. By doing so, Oscar and Jörgen have a produced several unique varieties that only they cultivate! Since the Calathea family originates from the jungle, Gebr. Valstar often travels to Brazil in search of new varieties of this decorative plant. It is unclear how big the Calathea family really is, but each ‘Calathea expedition’ yields new attractive, exciting, commercial varieties. Every day, Oscar and Jörgen deliver their special Calatheas, with the compliments of Decorum.

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Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ