Bernhard Orchidee

Bernhard Orchids

Since it was impossible to expand in the Amsterdam area in 1972, the Bernard family moved to Luttelgeest to establish themselves in the Noordoostpolder. Today, Bernard Orchids has grown into a modern Phalaenopsis nursery where quality and sustainability are of great importance. For example, Bernard Orchids aims to become completely energy neutral in 2022, a great goal!

Bernard Orchids cultivates more than 200 Phalaenopsis varieties throughout the year. Apart from their own Elegant line and the standard range, special orchid varieties are selected and added to the collection by owner Simon Bernhard during his annual trip to Taiwan. Bernhard Orchids thus delivers real exclusive eye-catchers.

Company Details Bernhard Orchids

Address:Lindeweg 30-4
8315 RE Luttelgeest
Phonenumber:+31 (0)527 20 25 00
Certification:MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS GRASP