Ammerlaan-Sosef Primula Ammerlaan-Sosef Primula Ammerlaan-Sosef Primula


Ammerlaan-Sosef is a fun and modern nursery specialising in cultivating the Celosia and Primula obconica. The company was founded by the former owner Ard Ammerlaan, his son Jeffrey Ammerlaan and their (at the time) employee Gertjan Sosef in 1999. Currently, Gertjan and Jeffrey are working together with their team to grow the most beautiful plants.

From April until November, the company produces around 3.5 million different types and sizes of Celosia and in December, Ammerlaan-Sosef begins supplying the Primula ‘Touch Me’. This cheerful plant flowers in winter and is available in various colours and pot sizes. For many years, this is a high-scoring plant in longevity tests. Another special variety is the Primula Pricanto ‘Sensation’. With three Pricanto colours in one pot, this plant is a real asset to any living room. Jeffrey and Gertjan deliver their wide and special range daily, with the compliments of Decorum.

Companydetails Ammerlaan-Sosef

Address:Sprongenloet 5A
Phonenumber:+31 (0)174 64 16 44
Concepts:Feel, Tender, Cozy, Feel Green
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS Productproof