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With over 40,000 different species of fern, there’s bound to be one that looks good in your home. Ferns are especially attractive in the bathroom, as they feel happy in high humidity. The fern’s leaves emerge from a horizontal stem below ground (the rhizome) and come in colours ranging from bright to dark green and from bronze to red. There are too many different ferns to describe, so we’ll tell you about some of our favourites. Species like the Maidenhair fern have delicate, segmented leaves, while others like Asplenium have leaves that grow all in one piece. The leaves of the Boston fern begin life tightly rolled up, then when they unfurl they produce a fantastic feather of bright green. All you have to do is give these fronds enough room to thrive. Growers of this product: Hillplant, JoGrow & R. Mooyman.

Care tips

Give the green curls lots of water. Make sure the potting compost remains moist.
Do not water the heart of the plant, it cannot handle that well.
Spray your fern regularly with a plant spray and give it a little extra nutrition every week.
Place it in a light place, but not in direct sunlight.