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Hillplant B.V. has specialised in the cultivation of hanging plants since 1984. Throughout the years, the company has grown significantly and their greenhouses are all optimally equipped for the cultivation of hanging plants and bedding plants. This allows the company to grow more than 50 varieties with love and passion. Hillplant’s assortment includes: Aeschynanthus, Chlorophytum, Rhipsalis, Tradescantia, ferns and different kinds of bedding material.

Chris and his brother John grow cuttings through their own ‘nuts and bolts’ selection process. In addition to cultivating existing plants, various new varieties are produced by breeding. Moreover, so-called retro plants are being grown again in response to the current Urban Jungle trend. By continuously expanding their product range and adjusting to trends in order to meet market’s demands, Hillplant is an adaptive and versatile company. It is therefore no surprise that the company has been market leader in their field for years.

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Address:Kooikamp 5
Phonenumber:+31 (0)183 30 28 90
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP