Radermachera Duijn-Hove Radermachera Duijn-Hove Radermachera Duijn-Hove


The Radermachera bonsai originates from the subtropical mountain regions of China and Taiwan. The plant is named after the Dutch botanist Jaco Radermacher. Due to its wavy leaves, it resembles the coffee plant. The high aerial roots also make the plant decorative and give it a bonsai-like (mangrove) appearance. The branches are very thin, while the trunk is very firm.

The Radermachera has a lot of leaves, which means it needs a lot of water. Especially in the summer the plant needs water once or twice a week. The soil must remain sufficiently moist. In winter you can give less water and the soil can even be a bit dry. If the leaves turn brown or fall off it means that the Radermachera is too dry. Every 30 days you can fertilize the plant, by supplementing the watering can with fertilizer for green plants.

If the Radermachera suddenly loses a lot of leaves, it is best to prune the plant to about half its length and give it a little less water. The leaves will soon grow again and your Radermachera will look like new again. The Radermachera doesn’t really like changes, so a change of location or draught can also lead to leaf loss. Grower of this product: Duijn-Hove.

Care tips

Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Apply fertiliser once a month.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Ideal temperature 20 ºC.