Muscari Hogervorst Muscari Hogervorst Muscari Hogervorst


Muscari, also called the grape hyacinth, is one of the first plants to brighten a world still in winter hibernation with colour. It is a distant cousin of the hyacinth and originates from the region around the Mediterranean Sea. It owes its common name of ‘grape hyacinth’ to the cluster-like flowers on top of a narrow spike. Muscari cheers up your garden or terrace immediately when it flowers in February and March, and continues doing so until the end of April. They can be planted in the ground straight from the pot, or grace the garden table. As they reach a height of 10-25 cm, the effect is most spectacular in a low, wide tray or bowl. The Grower of this product: HL Hogervorst.

Care tips

Place in direct sunlight or half-shadow. The cooler their position, the longer they flower.
Muscari needs a sandy soil, which is supplied in the pot. Fertilizer is not required, the plant obtains all its nutrients from its bulb.
Because they are rather small plants, it is best to group several together for the best effect.