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HL Hogervorst

H.L. Hogervorst is a flower bulb nursery and forcer. Bulbs are cultivated professionally by Gertjan and Sandra Hogervorst after which they use them for forcing bulbs in pots. By doing so, they are able to control the quality of their products and are able to give a 100% flowering guarantee! However, this does mean that a few years of work have been invested in every single product before it leaves the nursery. In three or four years, the bulb is propagated, given a temperature treatment, planted, covered with straw, sorted, fertilised, harvested, dried, sorted, and then, only when the bulb is big enough, it is planted in a pot. H.L. Hogervorst has been applying this knowledge for five decades and, throughout the years, the company has grown into a company with the largest assortment of bulbs in pots and specialist products that vary annually. Each plant is produced with respect for people and the environment. The use of pesticides, fertilisers, water, energy and waste is registered and minimised where possible. H.L. Hogervorst is a versatile company that delivers the best products every day, with the compliments of Decorum.

Company details HL Hogervorst

Address:Kapelleboslaan 2
Phonenumber:+31 (0)252 37 28 43
Concepts:Feel, Tender, Yellow, Cozy, Feel Green
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ