Cymbidium Koningshof Cymbidium Koningshof


Originally found in the tropical areas of Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the Himalayans, the Cymbidium is a strong, hardy plant which survives between rocks, leaves and tree stumps. This is a tough nut. The Cymbidium is a cut orchid exuding a touching beauty. Not only is it very beautiful, it is also heavy with symbolism. In China, the Cymbidium is often gifted between friends, the flower symbolising valued and respected friendship. Our grower Frans de Koning notes: “The Cymbidum lasts a long time, approximately five weeks. Ideal therefore as a present for someone special, or even as a treat for yourself!”

Care tips

Trim the stems diagonally.
Make sure the stem always stands in 10cm of water.
Place the flower in lukewarm water.
Cut one centimetre off every five days and refresh the water.