Kwekerij Koningshof Cymbidiums Kwekerij Koningshof Cymbidiums Kwekerij Koningshof Cymbidiums

Kwekerij Koningshof

Kwekerij Koningshof is the company of Frans de Koning and his father Aad. These flower growers have specialised in cut cymbidiums and have close to a hundred (!) large-bloomed varieties in their assortment. In order to produce cymbidiums year-round, the company’s greenhouse is divided into seven sections. Each section flowers for about eight weeks a year and, as soon as Frans has sold all the flowers from one section, the first flowers have already appeared in the next section. For Aad and Frans, exception quality is on top of their priorities. Frans only selects the best varieties for Decorum and searches for new varieties to expand the assortment with daily. Each flower has its own colour, lip and design, but their common characteristic is their long vase life. A cymbidium will last for three weeks in a vase. Every day, Aad and Frans deliver their best and most beautiful flowers, with the compliments of Decorum.

Company details Koningshof

Address:Albert van ‘t Hartweg 23
2665LJ Bleiswijk
Phonenumber:+31 (0)6 42 26 17 94
Certification:MPS A