Verschillende bol-op-pot producten

How are bulbs in pots cultivated, and what are the best care tips?

What are bulbs in pots?

Bulbs in pots are spring bulbs that undergo a special process. Initially, flower bulbs are exposed to artificial winter since they require this cold period to bloom, similar to bulbs planted in the garden. Subsequently, they are “fooled” a second time. Through light and warmth, growers make the flower bulbs believe that spring has already arrived. As a result, they show their green shoots at the beginning of winter and bloom shortly thereafter.

Bol-op-pot producten

Arrangements with symbolism

Bulbs in pots are extremely versatile; you can use them on their own or combine them in beautiful Christmas and spring arrangements. Think of flowers like Hyacinth, Narcissus, and Crocus, cultivated by HL Hogervorst, the bulbs in pots specialist within Decorum. They serve as a sign that spring is approaching. With all those colors and scents, they not only provide a beautiful appearance but also bring a fresh atmosphere. When you’ve brought these beautiful bulb-in-pot products into your home, you naturally want them to stay beautiful for as long as possible. That’s why we have 5 practical tips for you.

Verschillende bol-op-pot producten

A palette of flowers for every moment

  1. The cooler, the better for your bulbs-in-pots product: optimal temperature for blooming

    One of the keys to a beautiful bloom of bulbs in pots is temperature. The flowers stay beautiful longer in cooler temperatures. Place your bulbs in pots in a bright location, preferably with morning or evening sun. The cooler it is indoors, the longer you can enjoy the colorful flower splendor.

  2. Give your bulbs-in-pots regular water

    Watering is crucial for the health of your bulbs in pots, but don’t overdo it. The recommendation is to water a small amount once or twice a week. Too much water can cause problems like root rot and spoil the bulb. A handy rule of thumb is to keep the soil slightly moist. If the soil feels moist to the touch, you don’t need to add water.

  3. No extra nutrition needed: nutrients are in the bulb

    An interesting fact is that bulbs in pots don’t need additional nutrition. All the necessary nutrients for several weeks of growth and bloom are already stored in the bulb. So, there’s no need to administer plant food, simplifying the maintenance of these beautiful flowers.

  4. Distance from the fruit bowl: prevent premature aging

    Don’t place your bulbs in pots too close to the fruit bowl. Ethylene gases emitted by ripening fruit can make the flowers wilt faster. Give your bulbs in pots space and keep them away from the fruit bowl to extend the lifespan of the flowers.

  5. Spent bulb? Give it a second life!

    When your bulbs in pots have bloomed, it doesn’t mean the end. You can give them a second life in the garden. Plant the spent bulbs in a bright spot and watch them come back to life in the next season. This sustainable aspect not only adds to your garden but also represents an eco-friendly approach to flower care.

With these practical tips, you are well-equipped to bring your bulbs in pots to full bloom and enjoy their colorful splendor. Remember the right temperature, moderate watering, avoid extra nutrition, keep a distance from the fruit bowl, and give the bulbs a second life in your garden. This way, you make optimal use of these blooming beauties and create a vibrant and colorful outdoor space.