Vaderdag toppers

Make your father happy with a beautiful, green houseplant! Whether you choose big or small, with these sturdy plants you can never go wrong. From a Brazilian appearance to a Snake Plant… Do you know which plants we are talking about? Check out our top 5 Father’s Day plants in the blog below.

1. The tropical Caladium

This Brazilian appearance with its large heart-shaped leaves will surely appeal to many fathers. ❤️

In their natural environment, they grow actively during the rainy season and go dormant during the dry season. After the specific growth period of the species is over, there is a mandatory rest period that cannot be avoided. The rest period can vary from 1 week to up to 9 weeks, depending on the variety.

Some Caladium species are better resistant to the sun than others, but most appreciate some shade during the hottest part of the day.

Caladium Kleurrijke Plant Decorum

2. Banana Plant

The Musa is also known as the banana tree or ornamental banana. ?This is because, in the wild, small (inedible) bananas grow from the purple flowers. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in the Netherlands, but you don’t need to tell your father that.

You recognize the Musa by its green, unrolling leaves with purple-red spots. This tropical plant loves a warm spot with lots of sun. Its ideal temperature is 20 degrees all year round. And who can blame it!

Musa Bananenplant Decorum

3. The climbing Epipremnum

The Epipremnum is also known as Scindapsus (or vice versa). This air-purifying plant comes in many varieties and sizes. The fun thing about the Epipremnum is that it creates vines with leaves. This allows you to let the plant climb along a small trunk or hang as a hanging plant.

The Epipremnum is an easy houseplant to care for. The Epipremnum is not that difficult. If you make a mistake, it will forgive you. With sufficient light and water, it is a very fast grower and a nice companion for your father.

Scindapsus Epipremnum Groene Plant Decorum

4. Ponytail Palm

The Beaucarnea is also known as the Ponytail Palm and is very decorative with its wild plume. The care of the Beaucarnea is not difficult. Place it in a sunny spot, give it a sip of water regularly, and enjoy that beautifully thick trunk and lovely tousled leaves.

The trunk has a very handy function because the Ponytail Palm stores water in it, allowing the Beaucarnea to go without water for a long time. So you can go on holiday without worries!

Make sure that the leaves can hang freely because if they make contact with a wall, cabinet, or curtain, they can turn brown.

Beaucarnea Groene Plant Decorum

5. Vrouwentong

The Sansevieria is also known as the Snake Plant. ?It is an indestructible powerhouse and also completely trendy!

The Snake Plant was found in the deserts of Ethiopia in the distant past, making it very strong and able to survive well in dry heat. Beautiful, easy, and therefore the ultimate gift for fathers who love greenery but can be quite nonchalant with the watering can.

Sansevieria Vrouwentong Groene Plant Duynplant JoGrow

These top plants are, of course, not exclusive to fathers. A beautiful plant puts a smile on everyone’s face.