Caladium Richplant Decorum Caladium Richplant Decorum Caladium Richplant Decorum


Caladium is a lovely, striking Brazilian delight. The leaf of Caladium is heart- to arrow-shaped, has fine veins and stunning colours: white, silver, green, pink and red.

Caladiums are corm plants and thus grow a bit differently than what we are used to with most houseplants: in the winter they die down. The plant can go entirely into hibernation. Only cut the leaves off when they have dried out completely! Energy from the leaves returns to the corm and ensures that you get a bigger and stronger plant in the spring! Caladium is the botanical name of a genus of tropical plants from Latin and South America, particularly Brazil and the Amazon region, where they grow in the jungle. The name is derived from the Malay word keladi, which means plant with edible roots

Caladium is cultivated at the growers Richplant and Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants.

Care t

Keep the soil in the pot slightly damp
Water this plant twice a week during summer and once a week during winter
Lots of light, but no direct sunlight
Ideal temperature is 20/25℃
Spray with a plant sprayer