Introverted but willing to discuss plants.

Our story

Since 1987, Richplant has been gaining experience with cultivating sweetly scented Gardenias. Over the years more and more plants have been added to the collection in which Richard and his team specialise. Their main activity is still cultivating the finest grades of Gardenia jasminoides in three pot sizes. The bud size of these Gardenias is above average, which means 80% of the buds open.

In addition, Richplant cultivates different exclusive seasonal products, such as Crossandra, Clerodendrum, Jatropha podagrica and multifida, Plumeria Hawaiian and Lanna, Curcuma, Adenium, Starcluster, Alocasia and Aphelandra. Most of these plants are exclusively available from Richplant! The company has bred its own varieties of Crossandra and Clerodendrum, which are stronger and last longer than the other varieties. This makes them a very special grower! Richard and his team deliver their special plants every day with the compliments of Decorum.


Adress : Grote Achterweg 6a
2671 LR Naaldwijk
Phonenumber : +31 (0)174 64 02 24
Email :
Website :
Concepts : Feel, Feel Green
Certifications : MPS A, MPS-GAP, MPS SQ, MPS Quality, MPS ProductProof
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