Solanum van den Berg Solanum van den Berg


Solanum pseudocapsicum is known, among other things, as the apple of love and the orange tree. This is because of the orange berries it produces in the autumn. The plant continues to produce berries from autumn until the new year. The Solanum originally grows in South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand, where it is nice and warm. Therefore, it is not hardy and likes a light spot in the house. If it stops freezing, you can also put the plant outside, but bring it back inside before it starts freezing. Put the plant in a cooler place in the winter (10-15 degrees). This will stimulate its flowering and the formation of new berries. If the humidity inside is a bit lower, spray the plant with water. Grower of this product is: van den Berg De Lier.

Care tips

Plant can stand in the sun.
Ideal temperature is between 8-15 degrees.
Can be placed both inside and outside.
Water twice a week.