Roselily Floretta Roselily Roselily


Because of all the symbolism, a lily is a very special flower that fits every occasion. The Roselily is a unique variant of the well-known lily. This pollen-free, double-flowered beauty resembles a beautiful large rose. Two beautiful flowers in one.

The Roselily has no stamens, so it does not stain clothes and smells less than most Lily varieties. You can also put the flowers outside when it is not freezing. They will then have a longer vase life. Decorum grower Moerman Lilium grows various types and colours of high quality Roselily with very large flowers.

Care tips

Place the vase at a quite cool spot, make sure it is not placed.
Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food.
Trim the stems diagonally.