Ludisia van der Voort Potplanten


The Ludisia ‘Discolor’: a singular orchid. It belongs to the ‘leaf orchids’, grown chiefly for their colour and the patterns on their leaves. The Ludisia appears mostly in Southern China, Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malacca (Malaysia) and in Sumatra (Indonesia), where it grows on the ground, along river banks or in the forest. The Ludisia’s inflorescence is quite remarkable: the leaves have a velvet-like surface with gold and silver coloured veins. The stems display small white flowers in autumn. A true gem! Grower of this product: Van der Voort Potplanten.

Care tips

Requires little attention.
Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Room temperature
Remove dead heads of flowers.
Water this plant once a week
Apply fertiliser once a month.