Lisianthus Montana Lisianthus Lisianthus Montana Lisianthus Lisianthus Montana Lisianthus


The Lisianthus (Eustoma) is particularly versatile. The flowers are cream, white, blue, pink, lilac, purple or salmon and some flowers even have varied coloured petals. As well as colourful, the petals are soft and delicate, so the plant needs treating with care and love. The Lisianthus may look all softness and sweetness, but it also possesses a strong symbolic character; the flower represents appreciation, gratitude and charisma. This makes the flowers a perfect bouquet gift for someone or perhaps… even just for you! Grower of this product: Montana Lisianthus.

Care tips

Trim the stems diagonally.
Place the vase at a quite cool spot, not in a draft or next to the fruit bowl.
Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food.