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The Lilium, better known as the Lily, is available as a cut flower or as a pot plant. Since ancient times, the plant has had a distinguished and symbolic character. To the Greeks and the Romans the plant symbolised versatility, virginity and purity, one of the reasons women wore crowns of lilies during weddings and other ceremonies. The Lily also often occupies a central position at religious ceremonies, and mostly the white variety. These days the Lily is also seen as a symbol of femininity and love. Some varieties also have a delicious scent. The dimensions of the flower will differ depending on the variety. Decorum’s pot Lily cultivator Marcel van der Voort notes: “The pot Lily is equally at home both inside and outside. As the bulbs are winter hardy, once the Lily has bloomed, you can replant them in the garden with a guarantee that it will again produce a radiant floral display the following year.” Grower of this product: Van Schie.

Care tips

Potted Lilies prefer a cool, light spot. They will flower longest there.
Don’t allow the soil to dry out. It should be slightly damp at al times.
There’s no need to feed your Lily – everything is in the bulb it grows out of.
You can cut off wilted flowers.
The Lily can be placed indoors or outdoors in the warmer months.
Don’t place the plant next to fruit, since this emits ethylene gas which causes the flowers to age more rapidly.
When the plant has finished flowering you can plant the bulb in the garden to enjoy a second life.