Lelie Moerman LIlium Lelie Moerman LIlium Lelie Moerman LIlium


A contemporary, natural image; quickly created with the Lily. There is plethora of colours and shapes to choose from. The Lily is loaded with symbolic significance which makes it such fun. For example, the Lily represents femininity. In classical Greece and Rome, brides would don crowns of lilies in the hope of a pure and fertile life. The Lily also stands for love. In Victorian times if you received a scented Lily you could be sure the sender was someone intimate. White lilies often represent virginity at weddings, as the Lily is a metaphor for purity. The Lily also represents mortality, the serene and pure radiance of the flowers expressing emotions in times of loss and mourning. All this symbolism makes the Lily an extraordinary flower indeed, one for any occasion. Decorum grower Moerman Lilium cultivates a range of varieties and colours; high quality Lilies featuring very large flowers.

Care tips

Place the vase at a quite cool spot, make sure it is not placed.
Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food.
Trim the stems diagonally.