Hydrangea JoGrow Hydrangea JoGrow


A sphere of colored flowers predicts spring. Whether you like red, purple, pink, white, blue, white or green, you can bring them into your home with the Hydrangea (Hydrangea). The delicate petals form a nice contrast with the sturdy dark green leaves and woody stems. Doesn’t that make you happy? The Hydrangea in your living room has an interesting past. Her ancestors come from Asia and South America. The English botanist Sir Joseph Banks took the first Hortensia to Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. Through the botanical Kew Gardens in London and the Versailles of Sun King Louis 14th, the plant became extremely popular. And that has actually never changed! Transform your own garden into a flowery garden with the Hydrangea. Make sure it doesn’t get caught in the full sun, it doesn’t like that very much. Grower of this product: JoGrow.

Care tips

Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Ideal temperature 15 – 22 ºC.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Do not leave excess water in saucer/dish.
After flowering can be planted without pot in a semi-shady spot in the garden.