Ensete Maurelli Bananenplant Ensete Maurelli Bananenplant

Ensete Maurelli

The Ensete Maurelli is better known as the red banana plant. With its thick stem and big, red-purple-coloured leaves that can grow up to 1 metre in length, this plant really is the king of the jungle.

The Ensete Maurelli is a beautiful and very fast-growing banana plant. With a high water content, it needs a lot of water to grow too. If it’s hot in the summer, the Ensete Maurelli will like to be watered every day. In extreme heat, it should be watered twice a day. The plant will quickly grow into a huge specimen and may even start to produce beautiful bordeaux flowers after just 3 years. Grower of this product Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants.

Care Tips

Needs plenty of water
Remove dead leaves to avoid wasting nutrients
Stops growing at temperatures below 14 degrees Celsius
Can’t survive at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius