Snijkalanchoë Decorum Hofland Freesia

Cut Kalanchoë Flowers

Who hasn’t heard of the Kalanchoe plant? This strong succulent, which is available with flowers in a wide range of bright colours, is known and loved by many. However, what you may not know is that the Kalanchoe is also used as a cut flower.

A vase of cut Kalanchoe flowers is very decorative and lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks. In its native Madagascar, the Kalanchoe has to be resilient to survive and can easily go without water for a while. This makes cut Kalanchoe flowers ideal for a multitude of uses – hot summer weddings being just one example. Like the potted Kalanchoe, cut Kalanchoe flowers are available in a number of trendy colours. Grower of this product is: Hofland Freesia.

Care Tips

Put cut Kalanchoe flowers in a clean vase with clean water. Don’t add any cut-flower food
Cut the stalks diagonally and remove any leaves that would be under water
Keep cut Kalanchoe flowers away from (ripening) fruit