Agave Stricta Nana Succulent


The Agave stores water in its leaves, which enables this succulent to go without water for a long time. So, you won’t be surprised to hear that they were originally only found in dry areas. They originate from Mexico, where they are used to make Tequila and agave syrup.

These house plants are stemless succulents. The leaves grow from the base of the plant and are thick and fleshy. The Agave stores water in its leaves, which are long, sharp-pointed and prickly.

It’s important to wait for the soil around the Agave to dry up completely and then water the plant 1 to 2 weeks later. The Agave will happily go without water for 6 weeks in the winter months. Remember that succulents will need less water if they are kept away from windows (light) and that a bigger Agave can go without water much longer than a small one can. Growers of this product Winco Holland en Nederpel Succulenten.

Care tips Agave

Soil should not be moist for longer periods of time
Water sparingly