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van Seters Roses

At Van Seters, the spray bunch rose nursery is run with passion. Various special varieties grow and bloom year-round. Every path in the nursery is checked for harvest-ripe spray roses daily. These are then sorted according to length, bud size and bunch volume. All orders are custom made in different packaging. Even paper packaging is a possibility at Van Seters! ! Flower food is added to the water to allow the consumer to enjoy the beautiful spray roses to the fullest. Twice a day, the flowers are brought to the auction and find their way to the customer.

The cultivation conditions are made as optimal as possible by means of innovative technology such as a CHP, grow light and nivolators. In 2020, Van Seters’ nursery will be connected to an adjacent geothermal energy project as an alternative to the use of gas. Geothermal heat in combination with biological control are steps towards growing the spray rose as sustainably as possible. In this way, consumers can enjoy the beautiful bunch rose with peace of mind!

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Address:Kerklaan 138
2678 SZ De Lier
Phonenumber:+31 (0)6 10 18 81 72
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP