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Middenweg Flowers

Murat and Can Kaya are the proud owners of Middenweg Flowers in Poeldijk. Since 2005 they have been growing Irises all year round. The cultivation of the Irises is split in two. Murat and Can grow their flowers indoors as well as outdoors. From September to mid-June, the Irises are grown in the greenhouse and, when the summer months arrive, the flowers are grown in an outdoor field.

In the winter months, ‘only’ two varieties are available but, at the beginning of the summer, up to ten varieties are available. Recently exclusive varieties of dyed Irises have been added to the assortment of Middenweg Flowers. Delivering quality flowers is a top priority for Murat and Can and they thus do everything possible to only bring the best Irises on the market. Therefore, all Irises are pre-treated by which a longer vase life can be guaranteed. Every day, Murat and Can deliver their best and most beautiful Irises, with the compliments of Decorum.

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Address:Arckelweg 7
2685 SL Poeldijk
Phonenumber:+31 (0)6 34 84 77 41