Summer plants

Summer plants

Meet our summer favourites

Temperatures well above 20 degrees, the sun shining bright in the sky and happy people all around you: let the summer begin! Naturally, we are happy that it is nearly summer. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to some of our summer favourites!


The Plumeria is the perfect summer plant as the brightly coloured flowers give the plant that summery appearance! Did you know that the flowers of the Plumeria are used for the traditional Hawaiian flower garlands? These flower necklaces are also called leis and are worn at official ceremonies, weddings and birthdays.

The Plumeria is from the Caribbean originally, but can nowadays be found all over the world. This plant was also known as Frangipani, because the scent of these wonderful flowers reminded one of the perfumed gloves that the Italian nobleman Marquis Frangipani designed in the 16th century. It was not until later that the plant was given its current name by the French botanist Charles Plumier, who described various types of Plumeria in the 17th century. The Plumeria is both an indoor and outdoor plant. However, the plant only thrives at temperatures above 15°C. Apart from that, the care is very easy; the Plumeria prefers a light, sunny spot and rather receives too little water than too much. Grower of this cheerfully coloured product: Richplant.

Bloeiende plant Plumeria Frangipani Decorum


With its shiny green leaves, its colourful spathes (a type of bract) and cheerful spadix, the Anthurium sure brings liveliness and cheerfulness to any interior. It is the perfect plant to give your home a nice summery touch!

Fun fact: the Anthurium originates from Latin America where the plant was discovered by physician and botanist Dr. Karl van Scherzer in 1857. We now know that the Anthurium has more than 500 species and the genus has fans all over the world. Not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because it is so easy to care for! Grower of this product: FlorXL.

Anthurium bloeiende plant Decorum


Summer has a diverse colour palette and, with its brightly coloured chalice, the Bromeliad can thus not be absent during this season. And the best thing about this plant is it is easy to care for! Simply water the plant in the calyx regularly and it will flower for 3 to 6 months!

The Bromeliad is available in 2800 different types and sizes. These plants originate from the tropical rainforests of South and Central America and the very first Bromeliad arose about 65 million years ago. Since then, the plants barely changed. Our grower Junglestar recommends placing the Bromeliad in a light spot, away from direct sunlight.  

Bromelia Bloeiende plant Decorum


The Gardenia (Jasminoides) is also known as the Cape Jasmine in the Netherlands. This beautiful plant is native to southern Asia. Did you know that the Gardenia flower is used to specify someone’s relationship status on some Polynesian islands? When the flower is worn behind the right ear, the person is single and when the flower is worn behind the left ear, he or she is in a relationship.

With proper care, the Gardenia can produce wonderfully fragrant, creamy-white flowers for months which look a bit like roses. And let’s face it, it’s wonderful to come home after a long, warm summer day to a house that smells of Jasmine. Thanks to its dark green, glossy leaves, the plant is also very decorative once it finished blooming. In addition, the Gardenia can easily be placed on the terrace or balcony during the warm summer months. However, due to its tropical origin, the plant does prefer moving indoors once it gets colder. Grower of this product: Richplant.

Gardenia Bloeiende plant Decorum