Make corsages with Succulents

Make Corsages with Succulents

What is a wedding without flowers? A poor showing, at least in our opinion. The more flowers, the better! Along with the bridal bouquet and the table decorations, corsages must not be forgotten on this magical day.

A corsage is an old tradition at weddings, and along with the romantic aspect, they are also beautiful and pleasantly scented. When choosing or making a corsage, it is most important to choose what you like. So, for example, you could include green plants as well as flowers. These corsages with Succulents are not only really special, they will also keep for a long time. That’s handy because you want the flowers to look good all day long. These corsages can also be prepared a day in advance.

What you will need:

  • Your favourite Succulents
  • Green leaves like: Asparagus, Eucalyptus, Hedera
  • Binding wire
  • Cold glue
  • Tape, specifically the Kauchuk brand
  • Magnets
Benodigheden Corsage

Step 1

Choose your favourite Succulents and cut a long enough stem that a bunch of flowers can be wound around it. But it’s not a problem if the stem is too short, you can always affix the Succulent on top.

Kies je favoriete plant uit

Step 2

Wind binding wire through the leaf to strength the stems and to provide something to bind the bouquet to in the next step.

Plaats binddraad door het blad

Step 3

Add whatever pieces you want to make a lovely little bouquet.

Voeg de onderdelen samen

Step 4

Push one end of the binding wire down among the stems and wind the other end around the bunch of flowers.

Bind het gemaakte bosje samen

Step 5

Coat the Succulents with a little cold glue. This forms a transparent, fast-drying and water-resistant coat. It is ideal for cut and dried flowers because it cannot burn and thus does not produce ugly stains.

Smeer de Succulent in met koud lijm

Step 6

Affix the Succulents firmly to a place where they have sufficient support.

Plaats de Succelent op een plek met genoeg houvast

Step 7

When you are satisfied with the result, it is time to wrap the stems neatly with the Kauchuk tape. Place the magnet between the tape and the stems.

Wikkel de stelen met Kauchuk tape

Step 8

You can easily store the corsages for a day in the fridge’s vegetable drawer! Do not set the fridge’s temperature too low (at least 7°C).

Bewaar de corsages op een koele plek

Step 9

Put it on and it is ‘Time to get Married!’


Did you know that ladies wear corsages high up, close to the shoulder? The stem of the flower points up and the flower hangs down. In contrast, men wear the flower facing up and the stem pointing down.

Corsages can be pinned on in different ways. Formerly, safety pins were always used, but nowadays magnets are often preferred. This prevents damage to your lovely outfit ?