Paeonia Borst Bloembollen Paeonia Borst Bloembollen Paeonia Borst Bloembollen

Paeonia (Peony)

With the Peony in your house, you know summer has truly arrived. May and June are the best months for this ravishing flower. If you have fallen for the charms of the Peony, you are in luck; there are more than a thousand varieties available in all shapes and sizes to choose from. For example, there are flowers with a single row of petals, with ‘half’ double or double flowers and this is before even mentioning the delightful colour palette: from soft yellow, romantic white, bubblegum pink to dark red. And even its scent is enchanting and deliciously sweet. The Peony is a symbol for love, happiness and health, so you buy a suitcase full of positivity when treating yourself to a bunch. Grower of this product: Borst Bloembollen.

Care tips

Trim the stems diagonally.
Place the vase at a quite cool spot, not in a draft or next to the fruit bowl.
Make sure that the vase is nice and clean, fill it with water and use cut flower food.