Laurus Nobilis (Kitchen)

The Laurus nobilis, or True Laurel, is a versatile plant, famous for its qualities for thousands of years. The plant originates in Asia, but most people these days know the Laurel as a small elegant tree at the entrance of a chic restaurant, or packed as fragrant dry leaves in the supermarket. But the Laurel is much more. It is a tree which since the dawn of civilisation has occupied an exceptional place. There are individual narratives involving Laurel and its unique applications which cut across all cultures and periods. Our Decorum grower Gova is a Laurel specialist who among other things offers kitchen laurel, as well as the classic ‘sphere on stem’ and ‘pyramid’ shapes. Gova also cultivates a variety of individual forms and exclusive dimensions, fitting with your every wish.

Care tips

Spray with water once a month.
In summertime do not water more than once every fortnight.
Can be placed outside in summer.
Overwinter indoors.
Long lasting.
Keukenlaurie G