Haworthia Faciata 'Big Band' Haworthia Spider White


Because of the minimal time it takes to care for it, the Haworthia, or zebra plant, is a lot of pleasure. The nickname zebra plant is not so strange. The cheerful white stripes on the leaves make the plant a trendy housemate. The zebra plant has adapted to the South African desert air. If you are in Bali messing about with palm trees, the Haworthia will not hang its head! But just when you think you have the succulents figured out, the zebra plant prefers not to get much sun. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves, like your white skin, to burn and turn red. Growers of this product: Nederpel Succulenten & Winco Holland.

Care tips

Light spot or half shade
Remove brown leaves
Do not water directly onto the leaves
Water every 3 to 4 weeks
Let the potting soil dry out before watering