Crossandra Richplant Crossandra Richplant Crossandra Richplant


The Crossandra originates in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. In India the plant is utilised in numerous rituals and traditions (Indian name: Kanakamparam). Among other things, the flowers are used to decorate the hair and as symbols of prosperity. The strong flowers remain popular thanks to their clear and vivid colours, as well as because they remain so fresh for so long. The Crossandra Fortuna was developed by our grower Richplant and is stronger than other varieties. The plant owes its ‘fortunate’ name to its abundant growth, beautiful sheen of the leaves and for the fact that it can be kept for longer periods. The volumes of flowers this plant yields is truly impressive. This exclusive plant is on sale from March to October.

Care tips

Light, sunny spot.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Remove dead heads of flowers.