Celosia Bosbloemen Celosia Bosbloemen


The origin of the Celosia is subtropical, these are countries in the area of the equator with a humid period to grow the crop. The Celosia is a summer flower and the Celosia season runs from April to October. Fundamentally, the Celosia does not need to be cooled, if you do so, not colder than 10 degrees. Be careful that the flowers do not get wet due to condensation in the transition to a warmer environment. The Celosia, which is available in different colors, could be combined with each other but also with other flowers and leaves to make it into a beautiful bouquet. Grower of this product: Bosbloemen.

Care tips

Trim the stems diagonally.
Place in a clean vase with clean water.
Remove the leaves that end up under water, so that the water does not become contaminated.
Add cut flower food for a stronger bloom and for water that remains clean for longer.