Ten Have Plant Campanula Ten Have Plant Campanula Ten Have Plant Campanula


With its radiant appearance and fresh, cheerful flowers, it entices spring into your living room. Its name can be traced to the shape of its flowers: Campanula is Latin for ‘bell’. The Campanula is originally from northern Italy, where it forms natural hanging carpets over rock formations, soaking up the best of the sun. With the proper care the Campanula can bloom at various times in the year. If you ensure the dead flowers are removed in good time, the plant will reward you for long periods with its characteristic bell-shaped lilac or white flowers. Growers of this product: Ten Have Plant, Kwekerij Montis & Van den Berg De Lier.

Care tips

Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Flowers all year round.
Remove dead heads of flowers.
Favourite plant for indoors and outdoors.