Agapanthus FLor XL Agapanthus FLor XL


Did you know that the meaning of Agapanthus is ‘love’? Agapanthus, also called African lily, worships the sun. The plant is ideal for a balcony or terrace. Indoors in a bright spot, like a conservatory, will lead to lots of pleasure from this ‘love flower’.

Agapanthus can be used to create a natural difference in heights in your garden, as it can easily grow to be 1 meter tall. In its flowering season, from July to August, you will be treated to lovely umbels, from which more than 50 flowers often hang. If the winter turns cold, it can be best to overwinter Agapanthus in a cold shed or garage where it never or rarely freezes. The plant will hardly need watering in this period.

FlorXL cultivates two exclusive Agapanthus varieties in pots: the Bluety & Whitney. Bluety is known for its sturdy stems and large, sparkling purple-blue flowers. Whitney has delightfully fresh white flowers and is a jewel on your balcony, terrace or garden.

Care tips

Little watering needed, the root ball may be allowed to dry out a bit, it is better to water a little more often than a lot of water all at once.
Add fertilizer 1x per month
Sunny spot both indoors and outdoors
Full sun, worships sunlight
0-22 degrees
Prune flowers and damaged leaves after flowering