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Slijkerman Kalanchoë

Slijkerman Kalanchoë is a modern family-run business Kalanchoë in four different pot sizes. The nursery, located in Heerhugowaard, is automated which allows the company to respond to customer-specific demands, market trends and developments quickly. Also their own breeding and propagation programme contributes to the company’s flexibility and high quality standards. Only the best plant characteristics are combined to create new varieties. These new varieties are then extensively tested in order to ensure the colour, size of the flower, longevity and natural disease resistance are all up to their standards, because Slijkerman stands for quality.

At Slijkerman, the environment is treated with respect and sustainability is considered a priority. Due to their many years of experience in cultivating Kalanchoë, the team of passionate employees is able to deliver a high-quality end product with the least possible input. Every day, thousands of Kalanchoë leave the nursery where they are grown with love and passion from the very beginning.

Company details Slijkerman Kalanchoë

Address:Veenhuizerweg 40A
Phonenumber:+31 (0)72 571 15 02
Concepts:Feel, Tender, Yellow, Cozy, Feel Green
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS Quality, MPS ProductProof