Oudijk Gerbera

Oudijk Gerbera is specialised in growing top-quality mini Gerberas (germinis). With passion, Dirk-Jan and Laurens Oudijk continue to run the family business of more than 7 hectares. They have the knowledge and skills to maintain their position at the top with over 40 years of experience. The greenhouse at Oudijk Gerbera is largely automated. All orders are picked manually and to order, but trolleys full of flowers drive automatically to the barn where the flowers are sorted. Each bucket is labelled with its own product code and buyer specifications by which orders can be prepared fast and error-free. Bunches can be created in different sizes and buyers can choose their own packaging (i.e. a box, a diamond, bunched, in a sleeve or loose in water). Practically anything is possible at Oudijk Gerbera! The company also distinguishes itself by making special mixtures for the different seasons and an exclusive one for Decorum. Laurens and Dirk-Jan Oudijk supply more than 50 different germini varieties that they can supply fresh daily, with the compliments of Decorum.

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Address:Oogstpad 9
2752AG Moerkapelle
Phonenumber:+31 (0)79 593 29 04
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ

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