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Kap Scindapsus

For decades, Jeffrey Kap have been growing green plants with passion. When you walk into their nursery in Honselersdijk, you enter an immense urban jungle filled with five varieties of Scindapsus. The plants are available standing up as well as hanging down and come in five different pot sizes. An additional benefit of these trendy houseplants is that they purify the air which is good for you and for the environment!

In total, around 2 million of these green beauties are cultivated each year and all plants that leave the nursery have been cultivated sustainably. Kap Scindapsus uses geothermal energy to help create the ideal conditions for cultivating plants and uses biological pest control as much as possible. When you pick up a plant from Kap Scindapsus, you will notice that their plants are extremely bushy and all plants that come with a moss stock have several shoots attached to it. That is the Decorum quality. Jeffrey delivers only the most beautiful and bushiest plants, with the compliments of Decorum.

Company details Kap Scindapsus

Address:Harteveldlaan 21
2675 LE Honselersdijk
Phonenumber:+31 (0)174 29 05 53
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP