Janity Flowers

Since 1986 Janity Flowers has been cultivating chrysanthemums year-round and is a progressive company in many aspects. The owner, Jarno van Wijk, took over Janity Flowers from his parents in 2019. Sustainability and pioneering new techniques, like LED and moisture control, are important for Janity Flowers. Each year, the company produces 13.5 million spray chrysanthemums of one specific variety, to maintain the highest level of quality. Janity Flowers is the third spray chrysanthemum grower supplying under the Decorum label after Van Dijk Flowers and Van Wordragen Flowers.

Behind the scenes

Company details Janity Flowers

Address:Viaductweg 10
5314 LK Bruchem
Phonenumber:+31 (0)6 31 97 29 79
Certification:MPS A+, Global GAP
Janity Flowers in Decorum