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J&P ten Have is a modern pot plant company that specialises in the cultivation of Begonia Begonia. Founded by the father of current owners Jos and Peter in 1955, the company has since specialised in the cultivation of multiple crops. Along with top-quality Begonia, they cultivate Betulia, an exuberant bloomer to which they have exclusive rights, and the exclusive variety Gloxinia Sonata.
This unique variety is the only double-bloomed Gloxinia on the market. During the season, the company also grows Primula Obconica, Princettia, winter Begonia Grace and Poinsettia.

J&P ten Have’s goal has always been to cultivate a broad and exclusive assortment of the best quality and the entire company is focused around that mission. All plants are sorted with a camera system according to height, volume and maturity and J. & P. ten Have creates the best conditions for the plants at the cultivation locations in Maasland and De Lier. Moreover, Jos and Peter strive to have the most exclusive and best selected Begonia varieties in their assortment, such as the unique Begonia Valentino. At J. & P. ten Have, each plant receives the attention it deserves and Jos and Peter deliver the most beautiful plants every day, with the compliments of Decorum

Company Details J&P Ten Have

Address:Kreekrug 24
Phonenumber:+31 (0)174 51 89 09
Concepts:Feel, Tender, Yellow, Cozy, Feel Green
Certification:MPS A, MPS GAP, MPS SQ, MPS Productproof