Olga Sharova

Olga Sharova enjoys global recognition as a distinguished floral artist. This acclaim is attributed to her successful career in creating high-level floral art.

For Olga, flowers represent one of the most beautiful products available, serving as a constant source of inspiration for the exquisite pieces she crafts. By working with premium flowers, she can fully concentrate on her preferred pursuit: the creation of stunning floral arrangements. Her floral artistry has earned her numerous prestigious awards in competitions she has participated in.

In addition to her role as a floral artist, she serves as an instructor at Flowers in Details, a floral art school, and holds the position of creative director at the company 7Flowers.

Curious to see the beautiful creations she crafts with flowers? Take a glimpse at Olga Sharova’s Instagram page.

Meet Olga Sharova

Olga Sharova Flower artist