Nicolaus Peters

Nicolaus Peters is a German florist from Berlin who has held the title of Master Florist since 2005. In 2006, he achieved the title of Master Instructor in the Japanese art of floral arrangement, Ikebana. This floral art form has been in existence for nearly 1000 years and focuses not only on the quality of the flowers but also on the overall floral composition. This philosophy is often evident in the beautiful creations crafted by Nicolaus.

Over the years, his stunning floral arrangements have earned him various national and international awards. The pinnacle of his career as a florist came in September 2023 when he was crowned the world champion at the Interflora World Cup of Floral Design in Manchester.

With his extensive experience, exquisite floral designs, and recent title as a world champion, Nicolaus is a highly sought-after guest lecturer for seminars, courses, and demonstrations both domestically and internationally.

For more information, visit Nicolaus Peters website or his Instagram page.

Meet Nicolaus Peters

Nicolaus Peters Flower Artist