Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – Do It Yourself

Where plants meet flowers. Do something different with this Do it yourself Hyacinth table piece for Valentine’s Day.


  • Flat piece of bark
  • Binding wire
  • Hyacinths (Bulbs and Flowers)
  • Moss
  • Some nice extras to finish it all off
Benodigheden Hyacinten Decorum HL Hogervorst

Step-by-step plan

Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 1
1. Place a piece of moss on the left-hand side of the tree trunk where you will later place the bulbs.
2. Remove the hyacinth from the pot.
Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 3
3. Measure a piece of moss that goes exactly around the clod of the Hyacinth
Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 4
4. Wrap the clod of the hyacinth with moss and tie it off with string.
Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 5
5. Place the ball on the right-hand side on your bark.
Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 6
6. Remove two bulbs from their pots and place these on the moss placed in step 1. Cover the balls with a new piece of moss.
Valentijnsdag DIY Stap 7
7. Place the extras you picked out on the arrangement. For example, the heart of hyacinth flowers, a twig, Icelandic moss, loose flowers or a dried mushroom.
Resultaat Valentijnsdag DIY
Good luck!

Nice to know: You can also put this piece outside (at temperatures above 0 degrees). It will keep very long, because it is colder outside than inside.