The grower does not choose the plant. The plant chooses the grower.

Our story

Persoon Potplanten was set up in 1950 by Arie Persoon and focused then on cultivating crops like lettuce and tomatoes. In 1980 the switch was made to cultivating green pot plants. Brothers Aad and John Persoon cultivate the large green plants Monstera, Philodendron, Alocasia, Epipremnum, Musa and Schefflera. The company has a separate space for cultivating new cuttings from their own mother plants.

Given the many different pot sizes and plants, most of the work is still done the traditional way. Each plant is manually selected and packaged. So it’s a versatile company, with a focus on quality and sustainability! For green powerhouses (because they are very strong!), you have come to the right place at Persoon Potplanten! So it is a flexible company, with its focus on quality and sustainability! Every day Aad and John supply their loveliest plants with the compliments of Decorum.

Persoon Potplanten

Address : Zijtwende 10
2678 LJ De Lier
Phonenumber : +31 (0)15 380 93 82
Email :
Website :
Concepts : Feel, Tender, Cozy
Certification : MPS A, MPS-GAP, MPS SQ, MPS ProductProof
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