The origins of the Kentia Palm are traceable to Australia, or to be more focused: Lord Howe Island. Hence its Latin name; Howea Forsteriana. The palm was discovered here in 1800 and was one of the first palms to be cultivated specifically as a houseplant. It is a strong and elegant plant and will thrive both in a sunny or shadier spot. Gerrit Stolze cultivates the beautiful Kentia Palms for Decorum and observes: “The Kentia enjoys wet feet, so make sure it is sufficiently watered.” The Kentia may ask for some attention, but it also gives a lot: it is one of nature’s true air purifiers. An ideal presence for your living space!

Care tips

Suitable for anywhere in the house.
Air purifying.
Long lasting.
Requires little attention.
Ideal temperature 15-27 °C.
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Apply fertiliser once every six months.