Kentia kwekerij G. Stolze Kentia kwekerij G. Stolze Kentia kwekerij G. Stolze

Kentiakwekerij G. Stolze

Kentiakwekerij Gerrit Stolze has been growing a very special product since 1980: Kentia. This palm, also known as Howea Forsteriana, is endemic to Lord Howe and owes its name to this small island near Australia. Large Kentia ‘trees’ grow on Lord Howe from which local residents collect the seeds. These seeds are then germinated and grown into small plants which are exported to the Netherlands amongst other countries.

Kentia palms are often many years old and repotted several times before the plants are large enough for sale. When sorting, which is done by hand, Gerrit ensures all plants are bushy and the leaves are well distributed. Every day, Gerrit delivers the most beautiful plants, with the compliments of Decorum.

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Address:Oudecampseweg 8B
Phonenumber:+31 (0)174 52 11 22
Certification:MPS A