Krisztián Kövér

„I am a lover of nature and colors, I use them consciously so that the compositions I have dreamed of are not just a mixture of carefully selected flowers, but all visual storytellers.

Sustainability has a special place in my works. I consider it important to look after our environment with due care and respect as we have a particularly close relationship with nature as a florist.

I strive for the maximum in my work, -weddings, events, hotel decorations – I only work with raw materials that are good quality, so it’s a fantastic thing to work with Decorum because the quality of their products stands out in the market. I love the huge variety of the items they produce and the fact that I always find something special in their selection. Thus, a bouquet and a composition can be unique in each case, a work of art made in a particular vibe and style for a special occasion.

Krisztián Kövér
Master florist
Hungarian Champion 2018